Ariel - the name

Contrast 33 is well-known for her slender design and the shape of the hull which makes the below decks area very roomy. The Swedish built boat was a success from the very beginning. A fast sailing, modern and roomy family yacht without compromises was the unanimous judgement. She belongs to the classics and has been a winner in club rarcing for many years.

Ariel - this was a name both my children and I could agree on. To them it's Disney's mermaid - a perfect name for a tiny lady of the sea.

But the "original" Ariel's the "airy spirit" who does Prospero's bidding in The Tempest by Shakespeare. Having been imprisoned by the witch Sycorax in a pine tree, Ariel is magically released by the exiled duke Prospero, who engages his services in thwarting Prospero's enemies, cultivating romance for his daughter, Miranda, and regaining his dukedom.

And - it's also one of the five major satellites of Uranus. It was discovered in 1851 by William Lassell, an English astronomer, but was probably seen four years earlier by the Russian-born astronomer Otto Struve.