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This is a collection of mostly English speaking links. You'll find a lot more - Norwegian only - on the Norwegian list

pilopp Events
Arctic Sea Kayak Festival / Race An article by Finn *B. Kjelstrup about the 1999 event
ASK: General information in Norwegian (About the late July event in Vesterålen)
Stockholm Kanot Maraton (Canoe/Kayak Marathon in September)
Tour de Gudenå Wordclass og kanoe marathon in Denmark 2.weekend in Sept. every year

pilopp Gear:
Ainsworth Canoe/kayak touring and whitewater paddles
Aquabound Kayak touring and whitewater paddles
Backcountry.com (US) A lot of outdoor stuff, most in fact...r
Barkley Sound Oar and Paddle Ltd. Oars and paddles, including dragon boat paddles.
Betsie Bay Greenland style paddles.
Boreal Design Kayak touring paddles. 
Brooks (Canada) The wonderful world of neoprene!
California Sports Equipment Carbon fiber composite paddles.
Clavey River Equipment (US) Small, but charming webshop. Top service, nice prices
Cobra Kayak touring, whitewater, surf, polo and slalom paddles.
Crazy Creek Lightweight Products
Current Designs Kayak touring paddles. 
Epic paddles Kayak touring paddles. 
Foxworkx canoe & kayak paddles paddles.
Galasport (Chech Rupublic) Paddles, Whitewater gear
Gemma Original Outdoor Equipment (Chech Rupublic) (Waterproof) bags/backpacks
Jerven Wolverinebags
Kayakshed (US) Clothing, kayaks & accessories
Kokatat Watersports Wear Clothing & accessories
Langford Canoe/kayak touring and whitewater paddles.
Lendal Kayak touring, whitewater, slalom racing, surfing, and rodeo paddles.
Lightning Paddles Canoe/kayak touring and whitewater paddles.
Mohawk Canoe/kayak touring and whitewater paddles.
Moosejaw (US) Really service-minded webshop with a lot of stuff/nice prices
North West Kayaks (US)
Ortlieb (Germany) Waterproof Equipment
Outdoorplay (US) Internet shop
Palm Equipment UK Clothing & accessories
Palm Equipment USA Clothing & accessories
Peak Equipment UK Clothing & accessories
Turtle Paddle Works Canoe and kayak touring paddles.
Vituddens Kanotvarv Kayak touring paddles.
Welhonpesã (Finland) Arctic Star, Pideraq, Dream, Arctic Sea, Mari-4
Werner Canoe/kayak touring and whitewater paddles.
Whetstone Kayak touring and whitewater paddles.
Whites Paddlesports Nice neoprene products
Yak Paddling Equipment UK Clothing & accessories
Zaveral High performance racing paddles.

pilopp General - Links:

Across the Arctic Circle Simon Willis Useful information for sea kayakers
Altrec.com Paddle articles, shop etc.
Atlantic Coastal Kayaker Almost everything about sea kayaking
Boat Owner's World for Boats, Boating, Sailing, Classified, Magazines, and much more!
Faltbootbastelseiten (in German) German folding kayaks, past and present
Foldingkayaks.org (Michael J. Edelman)
GORP - Outdoor Recreation Pages - Paddling - articles, guides, rivers and lakes, books, trips
Mariner Kayaks Sea Kayaking Homepage
MarineWaypoints.com (Canoeing, Kayaking and Rowing)
Outdoor-Channel (Tyskland)
Paddle Sport Index Prev.Ilena Kayaking Index (Links to a lot of kayak sites, manufacturers etc.)
Paddling (Sweden)
Paddling.about.com Gate - lots!
Paddling.com Canoeing, kayaking and rafting information Gate
Playak.com (Ass:Norges Padleforbund) The World of Canoeing (kayak & canoe) - lots&lots of links!
Qannat kattufiat - Greenland Kayaking Association(uofficial guide to) Lots of Greenland links as well
Ruuds Merks' Sea Kayaking Home Page - With a lot of salt water trips, pics etc.
Saltyseas.com (Norwegian) Choose kano/kajakk/flåte and go for it!
Sea Paddler co.uk Sea Kayaking... a sport of contrasts
Seekajak Links im WWW Salzwasser-Union e.V
SEE Kayaks A sea kayak links directory
SKoogle Sea Kayaking search tool - places, links etc.
Traditional Greenland Kayaks Lots of links to construction/design, techniques, security

pilopp Handyman Stuff:

Arteca Kayak plans, kits and ready built woodstrip kayaks/kanoes
Baidarka Homepage of Hendrik Maroske Foldable
Björn Thomasson Design All you need to build a high performance wooden sea kayak
Building a Baidarka Pics only
Chesapeake Light Craft Kayak plans & kits
Folding Kayak Builders Manual (yostwerks.com)
Green Valley Boat Works Plans for sale
How to Make a Greenland Paddle av Gordon Brown
Kajakkompagniet.dk (Danish) Woodstrip-kayaks, drawings and tips
Kayak Ways LLC There was a qajaq-rolling junkie, who met a qajaq-rolling fool... - Kayak plans, videos etc.
Laughing Loon Kayak plans, Canoe Plans, Kits and Finished Boats
Michael Storer Design (Adelaide, Australia) Canoes, plans etc.
One Ocean Kayaks Dedicated to design and construction of high performance wooden sea kayaks
Pygmy Boats Inc. (US) Ultra-Light Boat Kits & Plans
Redfish Stripbuilt Sea Kayaks Ready built kayaks and kits
Ross Leidy's Kayak Building A lot of stuff about woodstrip kayaks
Shearwater Boats Home Page Kayak plans & kits, Baidarka etc.
Tom Bastiansens homepage A lot of links, pics and stuff about woodstrip sea kayaks

pilopp Homepages

Jonathan Walpole's Sea Kayaking Page (Oregon Vancouver etc.)
Ruud Merks kayaking page
Stefan Claes (NorPolz) homepages , included kayaking on/around Svalbard
Scottish Kayak Trail Simon Willis blog / Kayaking from Gigha to the Summer Isles

pilopp Kayak Manufacturers:

Arrow Kayaks (Denmark) ArrowPlay
Bear & Water Nordkapp Jubilee, Bel-Ami, Aquila
Bear Mountain Boat Shop (Canada) Woodstrip/epoxy/plans
Betsie Bay Kayak Wood Kayaks (US)
Björn Thomasson Design Wood Kayaks (Sweden)
Boréal Design Kayaks (Québeck, Canada)
Canadian Wood Kayaks,Kits
Cobolt Kayaks (Norway) Sibir Expedition, Sibir Interceptor
Chesapeake Light Craft (Do-it-yourself Kayaks)
Clear Blue Hawaii Included foldable, transparent kayak!
Cobolt Kayaks (Norway) Manufacturer of the Sibir Kayak
Cobra Kayaks
Current Designs
Dagger Canoe & Kayak (US)
Easyrider Kayaks (US)
Eddyline Kayaks
Epic Kayaks
Evergreen Envy, Triton
Feathercraft (Canada) Foldable kayaks
Folbot (US) Foldable kayaks
Folding-kayaks.com Europe's greatest range (Klepper, Pouch, Fujita, Folbot, Triton, Pakboats, Ally, Wayland) of folding boats (Germany)
FoldingCraft (US) Foldable kayaks by Fujita, Japan
Foldingkayaks.org Michael J. Edelman's site with everything about foldables
Goltziana Kayaks (Portugal) Wavyak, Nomura, Solaris, Marlin, Mondego, Wood Vener
Kajak Sport Oy (Finland) Artisan, Viking, Viviane, Unalaska
Kirton Kayaks (UK) Has built my Inuk
Klepper (Germany) Foldable
Laughing Loon
Lettmann (Germany)
Mariner Kayaks (US) Mariner XL, Coaster, Mariner II, Express, Mariner MAX, Elan
Nautiraid Foldable
Necky Kayaks (US)
Nelo Kayaks (USA)
Nigel Dennis Designs
Nigel Foster Kayaks (Now manufactured by Seaward Kayaks)
Nimbus Sea Kayaks
North Bay Kayak (US)
North Shore Sea Kayaks (US) Atlantic, Buccaneer, Calypso I & II, Mariner, Mistral
North West Kayaks
Old Town (US)
One Ocean Kayaks
Pakboats Folding Canoes & Kayaks (US) Light-weight Puffin kayaks & Pakboat expedition grade canoes (Alv Elvestad, New Hampshire)
P&H Sea Kayaks
Perception (England)
Plasmor (France) (Belouga, Kialicak, Kitiwec, Catchiky, Natsuk, Barzoi, Phantom)
Point 65°N Sea Kayaks
Polyform (France) Calypso Mono
Pocher Boote (Germany) Foldable, Klepper"style"
Pyranha Orca Lightweight
QCC kayak (US)
Redfish Stripbuilt Sea Kayaks
Rockpool Kayaks (UK) (Alaw, Alaw back, Menai 18)
Sea Kayaking UK (UK) The Pilgrim, Romany LV S S RM, Explorer LV HV, Greenlander PRO RACE, Triton II
SeaBird Designs Kajakk.net, Vestby (Norway) produces S.D. kayaks in China
Seaward Kayaks (Canada)
Seda Kayaks
Shearwater Wood Kayaks
Skim Kayaks (Charger Composites, prod. Finland) Distance, Distance MkII, Differ, Dex, Braveheart
Swift Canoe & Kayak (Canada)
Tahe Kayaks (Estponia) Greenland, Lifestyle, Mini, Multisport, Reval, Spirit, Tandem, Wind
Traditional Greenland Kayaks (Southwest Greenland & Aleutian Baidarka)
Tsunami Kayaks
Valley Canoe Products (USA)
Vituddens kanotvarv (Sweden) Manufacturer of the Seagull - Måken
Welhonpesã (Finland) Arctic Star, Pideraq, Dream, Arctic Sea, Mari-4
Wilderness Systems
Woodstrip Watercraft Wood Kayaks

pilopp Magazines, Articles, Portals etc.
Anorak - The Journal for Sea Kayakers by Sea Kayakers
Adventurous Traveler Bookstore
BLUEsky (paythesea.co.uk) Rockhopping & surf - play the sea
Canoe & Kayak Magazine (US)
Fluid Web Magazine (Dagger, US)
Hypothermia & Cold Weather Injuries by Tick Curtis. From OA First Aid & Safety Home Page
Katabasis - Basic navigation, techniques, roll etc. (New Jersey-based firm)
NSWSKC - New South Wales Sea Kayak Club, Inc
Rockhopping.com Quite right: Rockhopping...
Roll techniques From Cobolt Kayaks' pages
The Salty Dog On Line Sea Kayaking Magazine
Sea Kayaker Magazine
Tsunamirangers.com Rockhopping by Eric Soares & co
WaveLength Magazine Free Online Magazine

pilopp Newsgroups, FAQ's etc

Kayak Forum
Ocean Kayak Fishing YakFishing BBS
PaddleWise Mailing list
UK Rivers Guidebook

pilopp Organizations:
BSI Padlegruppen Students club in Bergen
Norwegian Canoe Association
Stavanger Kajakklubb
Tromsø Havpadleklubb (Tromsø Sea Kayak Club) (Norwegian only)
Trulle (The university of Tromsø students kayak club - Norwegian only)

pilopp Trips, guided tours, courses, rentals etc
Alaska Canoe Base (Alaska) British Sea Kayak Specialists
Coastal Odyssey "Experiences Beyound Expectations" - Kayak expeditions in Norway
Crossing Latitudes - Sea Kayaking Adventures in Scandinavia (Sweden)
Ecomarine Ocean Kayak Centre (Canada)
Fjordkajakk In Valsøybotn, Møre og Romsdal
Lofoten Active Previous Janns Adventure Lofoten: Active Hollidays in Lofoten!
Nordic Ventures (Voss)
Rock'n Rivers Meløy-based guiding/courses: Kayak, caving, mountain and skiing
Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions AS Svalbard based trips
Sweetwater Kayaks (US)
Vetle-Kroken Sea Kayak Paddling (Skjolden)

pilopp Weather, Wind, Tide, Maps
Norwegian Meteorological Institute Maritime forecast in English and Tide Table ("Flo og fjære") General Forecast
SeNorge.no Snow, weather, water og climate in Norway
Tidal Prediction in Norway (met.no) Norway

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