NorWave's Maritime Pages
Sail Links
A collection of links to manufaturers, gear, news and events, articles, magazines, organizations etc.

Contrast 33
More about "Ariel", Contrast 33 in general, pics, layout etc.

Foto: Bent Svinnung Ariel in Henningsvær during summertime

Sea Kayak Links
A collection of links to all kind of sea kayak resources on web: Manufacturers, clubs and organizations, news and events, gear etc.

Places on Yttersia
Pics, trips, routes and places outside Tromsø , Senja , Vesterålen , Lofoten , Hamarøy, Steigen , Bodø og Helgeland

Foto: Bent Svinnung

Norwegian only, but there's a lot of nice pics...

"The two most beautiful things in life are a ship under sail and a woman in love. Be their master, and they will guard you faithfully. Be weak, and they will surely take you to hell. And if to hell I must go, then give me a ship!"
Old, english sailors' saying
To my English speaking visitors:
You'll find mostly links in this English section. But if you spend some time looking at the Norwegian pages, you'll hopefully find them worth visiting - if you like outdoor stuff such as sea kayaking and sailing.

Unfortunatelly most of the text will be in Norwegian. But there's a lot of pics too, hopefully worth a few minutes of clicking. And - important - you'll get the opportunity to learn something new! smile

Please mail me is you've got any comments, questions etc.

Updated: 07.01.08

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Norwegian Links
A collection of links, mainly from Tromsø where I live

Foto: Bent Svinnung
The weather in Tromsø just now

Foto: Bent Svinnung
Northern lights / Aurora borealis

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